Changing transportation needs. Over the past decades, travel patterns in and around Bergen County have changed. Many people continue to travel to New York City to work, but many more county residents have jobs within the county. Our transportation system has not always kept pace with these changes, and, often, the speed and reliability of our transit network is not optimal—a key reason why many residents depend on private automobiles to get around.

Within the county, there are very limited opportunities to expand highway or rail capacity. This, coupled with the need to serve new destinations, makes BRT a desirable transit option to improve mobility for the people who live and / or work in and around Bergen County.

Phased approach. Because nearly 60% of Bergen County residents commute to jobs locally, feedback from the public about BRT as a viable transportation choice has been critical in determining how the proposed transit routes will meet commuters’ needs for travel both within the county and to locations outside the region. This valuable input has helped shape the Study and determine the Preferred Network of routes.

Routes and technology elements for BRT may be phased in as funding and other resources are identified and market demands shift. Bergen County and NJ TRANSIT will remain flexible and respond to opportunities and challenges as they arise in building a robust BRT system, just as they do for other transit modes.