BRT Success Stories

BRT Works!

BRT’s flexibility is one reason it’s so attractive. Communities can adapt BRT systems to their unique needs, to get the most ridership and economic impact at the lowest cost. This means every BRT system is different. Many people aren’t familiar with BRT in any form, however. So below are a few examples of how BRT systems are serving communities, riders, and employers throughout the U.S.

Here are some operating examples of BRT in New Jersey and around the region:

NJ TRANSIT Go Bus Service

New York City Select Bus Service


Other communities around the region are also looking at introducing BRT:

Hudson County – Bayonne/Greenville/Journal Square BRT Study

Suffolk County – Route 110 BRT Study

Westchester County Central Avenue BRT project

Route 1 BRT Central New Jersey

Route 42/55/676 BRT (Southern New Jersey)


Here are some case studies and other information about BRT that we think you’ll find interesting and valuable:

National Bus Rapid Transit Institute

Evaluations of BRT projects

Projects Improve Transit Service and Can Contribute to Economic Development

Bus Rapid Transit Case Studies: Cleveland, OH, Eugene-Springfield, OR, Honolulu, HI, Kansas City, MO; Pittsburgh, PA

Profiles of American BRT: Pittsburgh’s South Busway and East Busway

American BRT: A Rapid Bus Network Expands in Las Vegas


See for yourself!

These YouTube videos will give you even more insight into what BRT can be, and how it can work:

Bus Rapid Transit Case Study – Cleveland RTA Healthline NACTO Presents: The Orange Line – Bus Rapid Transit and Bicycle Path, Los Angeles, CA

StreetFilms: Bus Rapid Transit